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Travel for 20 days presenting your project in Europe, Asia and/or Australia.

We will book between 9 and 12 private and public shows that fit your project, from acoustic presentations to massive festivals.

We focus on finding the unique sales value of the project to achieve a tour that is as personalized as possible and that helps you return great benefits. 

This is perfect for you, if...

You want to strengthen the professional history of your group to boost the possibilities of hiring in the country of residence and abroad after returning from the tour, in addition to 

  • Increase your positioning within the international cultural market to obtain better contracts.
  • Strengthen an added value of the project that allows it to be attractive to the media for its promotion and validity in the international market.
Proof of work done

Proof of negotiations and purchases

Letters of Invitation


Final Income Statement


  • Most of the income can be generated from entry income, not fees.
  • The payment of insurance, taxes and work visas is not included. Service for additional management
  • The payment of art or design for the elaboration of promotional material of the tour is not included. additional service
  • Group merchandise sales service is not included. additional service
  • Media promotion service is not included. additional service
  • The discount for touring Australia is non applicable

*This service is conditional on lodging and transportation being covered at least 90 days before the first event of the tour.


Includes the services of

  • Management: Planning and management of the most effective geographical and economic route to achieve the objectives. Purchase and reservation of lodging and transport.
  • Booking: Sale of 9 to 12 shows with an income goal based on achieving the objectives
  • Tour management: Responsible for the fulfillment of the itinerary and production during the tour

Does NOT include the purchase of*

  • Plane tickets: The projection of the transportation expense of round intercontinental flights is considered in 1 trip from the selected city to the destination by a commercial airline
  • Mobility costs: The projection of local transport spending is considered in the use of local public transport: plane, metro and bus.
  • Lodging: The projection of lodging expenses is considered for hostels, houses, Airbnb and hotels, always taking care of the personal integrity of the group
  • Travel expenses: From 10 to 25 usd. Resource delivered per day per person

*This service is conditional on lodging and transportation being covered at least 90 days before the first event of the tour.

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